For speed purposes, pySpline uses a small compiled Fortran library for doing the time consuming computational operations. It is therefore necessary to build this library before using pySpline.

pySpline follows the standard MDO Lab build procedure. To start, find a configuration file close to your current setup in:

$ config/defaults

and copy it to ‘’config/’’. For example:

$ cp config/defaults/ config/

If you are a beginner user installing the packages on a linux desktop, you should use the versions of the configuration files. The versions are usually used on clusters.

Once you have copied the config file, compile pySpline` by running:

$ make

If everything was successful, the following lines will be printed to the screen (near the end):

Testing if module pyspline can be imported...
Module pyspline was successfully imported.

If you don’t see this, it will be necessary to configure the build manually. To configure manually, open config/ and modify options as necessary.

Lastly, to build and install the Python interface, type:

pip install .